Thursday, January 21, 2016

The twins: Three-and-a-half years old, and 'gettin' 4.'

Wild, Wiley, and Wonderful Twin Boys,

Here is Mama's overdue, long thought-about post on what you're up to these days. At age 3 1/2, or more realistically -and as you like to tell your acquaintances most worthy of impressing, leaning in with somber faces to share: "I gettin' 4." It's true - in just two months, you'll turn 4!

*insert gasps of disbelief and all the disgusted phrases about cliches being true and time passing too fast*


Mommy and Daddy could not be more proud of the Mighty Men you are becoming. Weighing in around 35 pounds, and growing so darn tall!! For the first time, Zeke has shot up at a different pace than Gabe- about 2 inches taller! You're still wearing all the same clothes and shoe sizes. (Because God is good.) I'm seriously considering cutting that wonderful wild hair of yours, because, let's be honest. We can't maintain it like this forever. (In the tub, it takes FOR-EV-ER.) You've mentioned this once or twice. Plus there are details like your inability to keep on a hat! Sorry favorite caps, but the 'fro must grow... So right now, the beloved John Deere caps sit close by, waiting for another day when you might take them up daily, and the parental debate is on: to let Mom trim it again, or to get big-boy cuts. *eeeeek!! Verdict is out.

Things I love...
(Can I say, all of it?) -Excluding, perhaps, the new days of brotherly arguments and using the word "Mommmmmm!" like it is a weapon that will ignite imminent missile destruction. (Though that's almost flattering.)

Today, (given- it's the slow Tuesday between Christmas and New Year's, when... what in the world... time basically stops. Do we even track these days??) I have been jotting down adorable phrases that you say:
Gabe: "Hi Momma. I buildin' somethin' with my dad. Wight, Dad?"
Zeke: "Mom! You can play legos with us, chtoo!!!!!!" *gushing enthusiasm and through-the-rafters inflection at the end of that invitation*
Gabe: (While playing with trucks) "Here Zeke, which one do you want? You can pick."
Z: ................  Hmmmn.........   .....................
Gabe: "Look, there's 1, 2, 3, 4. Which one do you want Zeke?
Z: ................ *finger to chin* ......................  .......*brows furrowed* .................. *finally chooses one.
G: Ok! (There are a lot of days like this that I am SO proud of the hard life challenges you're taking on daily - like Gabe's sticking with his plan to give Zeke first pick despite a VERY hard toddler wait. Also, watching those precious internal struggles is such great entertainment. I adore you.)

Words: They are so powerful. It's such a thrill when Daddy and I look up surprised to hear a new one pop out of your mouths.

"Congrachalations!" -Gabe's ALL-time favorite expression right now, which means he frequently uses it inappropriately. ;) Also heard saying, "Hey, Mommy. Mommy, I want you to say to me, 'Congrachalations!' and I say, *makes smug face* 'Thank-you.'" *and he bows.*
"Crocogator." - Our favorite monster that surfaces regularly around these parts. You boys legit never realized you crossed two species into one. I guess we'll point it out someday. Right now it's cute.
"Hey Zeke, I have a deal!" (Translation: Hey Zeke, I have an idea!)
"Let me try that again, Mama." This one is a new one that originated in practice time with Gabe. I LOVE the attitude, and the maturity of the phrase on such tiny little lips!
And last of all, "You my favorite Mommy." Sometimes followed up by "I wanna marry you, Mommy." <3

(Mischief) - A few months ago, Zeke figured out that he could reach the lock on the automatic door in the back of the van with his foot. He waits until Cary gets out of the van and comes to his door to get him out, then pushes the lock down. (Cary has to then open up the driver door again and unlock it manually.) Depending on Daddy's mood, once he hears the "unlock" button followed by Daddy's door closing, Zeke sometimes dares to push the lock down again. *cue steam out of Cary's ears.* We cracked down on this behavior because safety, and obedience... But when I see the idea cross Zeke's mind, and those little toes scoot over toward the lock as he weighs the decision, I can't help but relish the mischief.

(Nap) - It's still happening!!! Nap time is vanishing for mom-friends all around me, and I'm all *blinders on: la-la-la-la-la!* about it. We rock mornings hard, and you're still ABOUT your sleep come 1/2pm. Praise-a-lujah.

(Movies) - I'm just going to mention that this week (again, we're on holiday...) we borrowed "Cars" for you to watch for the first time, and while it was on, you had me read you 4 books, asked lots of questions since you weren't really tracking, played with toys, and basically waited for it to be over. Another day we watched the new live "Sound of Music" production, and you two were MESMERIZED!! This brings me to another topic:

(Solfege) - I introduced it with your little Sunday school class to help teach a song, and you've been asking about it ever since. Another musical venture completely led by you... But my heart is exploding as you sing good intervals and make the little Kerwin hand signs! Also, the sweetest little *on pitch* voices!! I am blessed. 

(Prayers) - Just a month or two ago, Gabe was always praying about peace and strong muscles. It usually went something like… “And thank you that my Dad can have peace, and strong muscles.” Sometimes, difficult parenting = not laughing when your adorable child is completely sincere. I guess I was praying a lot for Cary to have peace in a stressful season with some uncontrollable outcomes, and Gabe picked right up on it and began praying with me for that one. I can't say I had any part, however, in the strong muscle prayers. ;) That's all Gabe.

Lately, we have disciplined ourselves not to infringe upon little prayers at bedtime that sometimes go ON and on. They are truly precious, very recently having become more sincere conversations with God and less like opportunities to get away with saying no-no words. ("...thank you that we not say, poopy, or peepee...") Mm-hmmn. In the past month there's been a crazy jump in development and maturity, and tonight Gabe prayed, "Thank You that my mommy can be with us all the days..." "Thank You we can make bad choices and You still love us..." "Thank You that we can have money to buy food. Wight, Dad?" *sniff* Right, Gabe.

Z: Thank you that we have a beautiful day in our neighborhood. And please, that we have a beautiful day in our neighborhood again.

(Rituals) - Our bedtime rituals are always changing, but now that you're so big, you boys really steer the last moment rituals before we leave your room. Recently, the routine was that as we walked out of the room (post devotions and singing and 3 rounds of “What we do tomorrow?” with Gabe) we’d hug and kiss each of you, but once we walked to the door Zeke would call, “Wait, Mommy - I need-a kiss-a you!” “Hey Daddy, I need-a kiss-a you!” This has gone on every night for months.

More recently, since we tend to remember to get kisses from him before we leave the room, *he now adds a big pucker-pop sound to the end of the kiss* a new habit has emerged. It started out of the blue one night, just Zeke to his Daddy:

“Hey Daddy?! Daddy? How bout tonight I wanna think about you, and you think about me.” *heart melt* He continued to suggest that very thing for the next three nights, until I got my first, “I wanna think about you, and you think about me.” So sweet! Just this week, the boys have also started saying, "When I talk to God in my head, I can pray for you, and you can pray for me?" Love, love, LOVE.

Darling boys, you have DOUBLED the joy in our lives. I am HUNGRY to taste all of it, to see you continue to come more and more to life just as you were created to, and to experience it all together. Every day we love you more.  

Thanks to "Aunt" Kristen Uhler for some of these gorgeous photos of our two favorite people.

(P.S. Zeke, check out that smile pictured below. You've just about outgrown it, but that slightly horrifying upper lip curl inspired some great laughs while it lasted. Your Aunt Ka-ka went through a phase with that same smile every time someone said 'Cheese!' around your age too. Anyways. ;) We love you handsome boys!)