Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Man Post

First let me say, I don't do "man posts" often enough. Many times I've started to, but when I feel like I'm not doing something justice, I quit. (That's the perfectionist in me... I mean, the artist in me... I mean, the... Ok, it's amazing I finish anything.)

Recently, the boys and I had occasion to take notice of the main man in our lives. We were sitting around talking, and realized there was reason for celebration.

For one: my husband is a full time doctoral student. For many that means unpredictable hours, long nights of research, stress and unhealthy coffee habits, etc. But my man prioritizes the three of us before school. He maps out his projects and plans his work far in advance (this is not his preference or nature), and organizes his time so that 9 days out of 10 he can keep a regular 6am-5pm work schedule. We're pretty lucky he wants to do that.

Second: When Dad walks through the door, my babies stop in their tracks to make their cute little wheezey noises and giggles while Gabe flaps his arms in his happiest of greetings. Then they beeline for him, and he's ready to play.

Third: At the end of each evening, my husband does the dishes.

No, you cannot have him.

Cary is really good at what he does. He has a research mind, he has experience in his field, and in his graduate work and research, he kind of rocks. Recently, he applied for a few fellowships, one we felt he was the perfect candidate for. The fellowship would have been a financial blessing to our family, but it would have also freed Cary to do the exact research he's interested in and always dabbling in. I kind of feel like Car is the guy who always seems so right, he rarely gets picked. (Kind of like you figure the good-looking kid already gets plenty of opportunities to model, so you choose someone else!) He was notified that although he'd been hand-picked out of thousands to be reviewed in the final cut, he had not been awarded the fellowship. I felt for him. Z and G felt for him. It's hard to imagine anyone more perfect for the award. WE know he's the researcher they'll wish they had. WE know he's pulling off more every day than most graduate students accomplish in a week. -And that's when it hit us! Dad needed a pick-up, and WE should celebrate!

So we came up with a little surprise. Z and G wanted to wear their special super-dad clothes. We surprised him in the parking lot, so when he thought he was headed home, we met him with a visual presentation of how proud of him we are, stole him away and took him out to eat at one of his favorite restaurants. Z and G promised to be on their best dinner behavior, and they delivered! I think Dad got the message: he's super loved, and celebrated. As my guy might say.... fellowship, smellowship. We've got it pretty good.

Parking Lot Surprise

Super Dad shirts

Off to Dinner (with entertainment by the Mighty Men)

I think he got our message.

Now... How do I get this cape to work?

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