Friday, May 13, 2016

Dr Cary Hill: Documenting the celebration, and even the mess

A new favorite kind of day: Waking up to a cluttered kitchen of sticky, empty glass beverage dispensers, baskets and dishes covering every surface, the tracks of treasured little ones who tromped through lemonade and dirt across the floors... Who knew these things could fill my heart TO. THE. FULL?! We've been in and out of the fridge eating leftovers all day, but I'm resisting touching anything else in the kitchen - a monument to the gathering of our people that brought with it deep rest.

Yesterday, in the middle of a 3 hour ceremony, Cary walked across the stage in Cassell Coliseum and was hooded Dr William Cary Hill. Our whole family sat in the bleachers drinking in his moment, and otherwise fanning ourselves with programs, squinting and pointing, and enjoying the entertainment of all the well-behaved kiddos.

We celebrated Cary's HARD work and faithfulness. For Cary and I, the end of this season was uniquely dry. We have wrestled with questioning, waiting, doubt, and prayers unanswered. But long ago God's love changed me, changed my husband, and has never stopped being enough. Along with his accomplishments, we celebrated that truth for our family.

What an example this Daddy is to his two (or three) favorite admirers.

A most special memory from this day was that God answered every prayer we prayed for the celebration:

We prayed that our people would be able to come, and they did.
We prayed for a spirit of fellowship and joy, and it was there.
We prayed for the weather to accommodate those two things, and watched the radar as places all around us (even here in town) got showers and storms, and despite the forecast, our skies remained clear.

And so, even though my husband (the doctor) keeps looking at me skeptically, today the mess is welcomed and we rest with the peace that our God is with us and for us and unchanging in His affection for us. Not pictured here are the ugly days and moments of a hard season that Cary and I will always remember even if we are mostly through. I think of His promises in John 15 - how apart from Him we can do nothing. How good it is -for us- to rest in Him... How when we abide in Him, our joy is made full. We are His purposed creations and that He is not done with us. Here's to everything and anything that He has ahead. 

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