Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sentiment and Symbols

So, we go back to school tomorrow after what's been a really nice break. I LOVE teaching, and have awesome students, but in my gut, I'm not ready. I'm not sure how these love and homesick and readiness emotions that have puffed out inside of me will mesh with the regular drive and compassion and order that "Mrs Hill" is supposed to have. And... I'm not so interested in finding out. Ugh.

So, I'm giving it up. Trusting God to provide the energy and compassion I can't imagine having tomorrow. Also, I have a new, secret, tangible reminder of my boys and the men I want to lead them to be.

These came in over break, and I was soooo excited. 

They're my "Mighty Men" rings. (Stackable rings with the boys' names inscribed on them.) Props to the ladies at "Cinnamonsticks," my new favorite Etsy shop. They work with hammered silver - my fave.

Mamas of the Mighty must also have some fight in them. Tomorrow I'm trusting God to equip me with all I need for a job well done; practicing what I (intend to) preach, suitin' up with the faith that makes mighty men (and their mamas) mighty.

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