Tuesday, March 19, 2013


WE'RE HOME, and so much is happening SO fast. I have hoards of pictures and even more special observations I'm hoping to write down, but my twin boys are wide open. (And we like it that way.) I'll try to get caught up on documentation when (and if) they decide to rest. For now, I'm excited to log some very special FIRSTS!

First time in an airport (and on a plane!):

First time meeting the fam:

All of these airport photos come from the blogs of our great friend Kristen Uhler or sister-in-law to be, Astleigh Hobbs


First car ride:

First solid foods:

(A little bit of pregame coaching.)

Gabe is listening, but Zeke looks skeptical

 First bite for Gabe

First bite for Zeke

First bath:
Gabe's first take to the water:


Zeke's turn:

First Full night at home:

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