Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The blessing is all mine

When we answered God's call to begin our family through adoption, we thought we were choosing to bless two little fellows by welcoming them into our home.

Tonight, the bubbliest child who has a cute baby-talk quirp and matching facial expression for everything pulled my arm tighter around him as I sang and rocked him to sleep. Moments later the other most beautiful boy (who made his first efforts toward a crawl on his belly tonight!!), came riding through the door on the hip of my handsome husband, back from the twins' room where he was supposed to be going to bed. Apparently when Cary laid him down, Zeke shook his head "no," and used his "hungry" sign to announce that he would be needing another bedtime snack before he'd consider sleep. We couldn't stop laughing at the expectant look on his serious little face, and that he never appeared in any distress about it. What a blessing that these two most wonderful little people are here with us; that they trust us and communicate freely with us; that they are ours, and we get to be theirs.

Thank You, Lord, for bringing these two boys into our home.  How humbled I am to know that the blessing is all mine.

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