Friday, January 17, 2014

That's What It's All About

It's been a dream Friday...

Highlight of the day: spontaneous family breakfast at iHop before sending Dad off to work. Low of the day: cleaning said breakfast, + lunch off of the floor, myself, etc, after Gabe randomly threw up just before naptime. (Here's where it gets meaningful.) After initial damage control, I carried both boys up to their room, changed Gabe, and rocked my cuddly sickling who quickly drifted off to sleep. *Applause applause* for Zeke, who understandingly played quietly while I let Gabe's needs take precedent. Gabe had cozied right down in my lap, his little hand half under his cheek, his breathing getting steady... I waited for the moment that I knew he was sleeping heavily enough that I could move him without waking him. I looked up at Zeke, still playing contentedly, and watched for a moment - his little antics as he maneuvered his lego man in and out of his lego car. I looked back down at the warm ruffled chick, now snoring heavily into my chest. What was my hurry? (Ok, my hurry was this: today is the ONE day at the end of a full week that I had all of nap time to finish picking up my almost-clean room, finish my almost-caught-up Bible study, put away the almost-all-folded laundry, and respond to 15 unanswered emails before the weekend hits and then the fury of next week begins.) But y'all. The old man snore of my thermal snuggle duckling... the heavy breathing of my Zeke-Zak as he toddled back and forth across the room, dropping off the lego bag at the stuffed animal station, waving goodbye to lego man as he left to go pick up lego car... Intoxicating. Pure. Right. It's the part of life I want my mind set on. It's what I waited 9 months in anguish over ocean separation to experience. It's what I laid down my career for. So I stayed. And I rocked. And I watched. (And I cried.) I delighted in the one-on-one sleep time to hold close my little person who is very busy when he's awake. I laughed through my one-on-one awake time with Z who would slowly roll his eyes over in my direction just to make sure I was still enjoying him as much as he was pretty sure I was, and scrunch his nose with his "I'm adorbs" smile, just about every 30 seconds. And I think I'm healed. The rest is noise. Being present with my Mighty Men... That's what it's all about.

*Full disclosure* I also chose to postpone the throw-up downstairs and almost-clean room and almost-caught-up Bible study and almost-put-away laundry and 15 unanswered emails to blog just now; a little self-indulgent. But these are the things I want to get. And remember. And repeat. It's so Hokie of me to say (oh gosh, stop me...) "That's what it's all about."

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