Monday, April 28, 2014

26 months

Mighty Men... We are long overdue for an update, and there's so much to say. You are 26 months strong, wise, and FUN! You're walking (running, galloping...), talking (both traditional lingo and non), and budding with personality! These days you are best buds, filling the days with interactive play. Take a look at all God is doing in you these days...

-You are great eaters. We still start every day with half a banana, yogurt, and something hearty. After that, you eat whatever Mom and Dad eat for lunch and dinner. (And lots of it!)
-Sweets are still a no-go. You had your first cupcake at your birthday party, but we still stick to the good stuff most of the time.

-Gabe finally has 4 top and bottom teeth, with two more top teeth that recently cut through, and all 4 molars leaving only two mystery spots on the bottom. Of course, we know Zeke has long had all of his teeth in... Grandad Clayton calls him "Womper-Chomper."
-Even better than seeing all those pearly whites every day is the huge variety of smiles we see on a daily basis. Smirks, "cheese!" pouts, you name it... The cutest expressions I've seen in my life are appearing around here every day.
While we're talking about teeth, can I pause to note that I have figured out the right regimen for taking care of your hair? Look how beautiful handsome!! This also gives me an excuse to share more pictures: Z's curls from behind (amazing), and finally a non-blurred shot that captures G's hair (yes - you had to be asleep to catch that!)
I might be MOST excited about the music that's pouring out of you. (At the moment, Gabe is behind me humming the middle of "Twinkle, Twinkle" - perfectly on pitch. Yessss!) We love to sing...
-"If You're Happy and You Know It"
-"I'm in the Lord's Army"
-"Jesus Loves Me" (Knock, Knock, Rattle, Rattle)
-John McCutcheon's "Kindergarten Song"
-(You both love the Mozart theme to) "Twinkle, Twinkle," and the "A, B, C" song. Gabe sings the melody randomly when he's making songs up, too.
-Our favorite is that you now participate in singing our favorite songs, ("Let it Go,""Love is an Open Door" - Zeke loves to do the "-with you-" echoes) and best of all; "The Boat Song." Here's a melt-my-heart audio clip Daddy took the first night you started singing with me, Gabe. (You were on his lap, and while mommy's singing across the room, you're filling in the words at the end of each phrase.)

-You can say ANYTHING! The longest word you say every day is "Mo-mo-mo." (Motorcycle.) Since the weather warmed up and Daddy got his bike out, it's the talk of the house every day.
-You have your own version of almost every common phrase. Even though you can say "Thank-you," perfectly clear, these days you both chirp, "Thank-en!"
"Pweez!" comes out nice and clear, you're good about "Yes ma'am," and "Yes, sir." But no thank you comes out, "No-uh-uh..." And combination phrases, like "Milk, please," turn to "eh-ehhhhh." It's all about the inflection around here.
-(Speaking of inflection...) My favorite thing to hear (and I hear it alot!) is, "Hi-i-i-i!" The sweetest, pure and innocent up-down tones of a greeting a person could hope for.
-You are both counting to 5 consistently, Gabe counts "3,4,5!" before running or jumping or sliding... 
-You love to sing (and have Mommy sign) the "A, B, C's." You recognize your letters, G and Z.

Movin' and Groovin'
-30 lbs each! At your 2 year appointment you came in the 78th percentile for height!
-Zeke's first steps were in December, and while he was toddling and still crawling just a little bit in January, by your birthday the waiting game was over.
-NOW Z you are always on your feet. When we pull in any parking lot, you start shouting, "Wak! Wak!" to be sure I won't try to carry you. You are a big boy, and you love to walk! You also love to run - particularly when we're in your room and you can chase Gabe in circles. Our favorite addition to your movement lately is the elbows. For some reason, you recently started flapping your elbows as you toddle excitedly. It kind of resembles the walk of a hurried old man, but maybe because you're ALWAYS smiling as you go, it works for you.
-Gabe's walk is old news, and his run has turned from a bouncy bubbly toddle to a big boy stride.
-Gabe runs and gets serious air when he's jumping. But the latest, is the "gallop." We were playing outside one evening when I showed Gabe how to gallop like a horse. He spent the next three days galloping EVERYWHERE. Got him out of his crib, feet hit the floor: gallop. Gabe, come get in your highchair! Gallop. Gabe, you look sleepy. Want to come rock? Sleepy gallop.
-You boys ask for, "Outside!? Outside??" every day. The uneven surfaces have strengthened your stride! Your Dad is SO happy that your love of the great outdoors was as instant as he'd hoped.
-"Duck, Duck, GOO!" - Your new favorite game that begins anytime someone is sitting on the floor. One of you runs up to pat their head with a suspenseful "Duck... GOO!" and then you BOTH run and expect to be chased.
-(All that action will wear two cute lil guys out! You are napping from 1-3 or 3:30 these days.)

-Bedtime is just super fun. There's so much routine... Climbing on Daddy's back while he does push ups, tickling of toes when we take off socks, carrying dirty clothes to the closet, getting your Bibles down off the shelf, sitting in laps to read, turning on our night light, "Tu-ttle," singing, rocking, and praying together at the end of another great day.
-While I'm often saying things like, "Boys, go play!" I love that right now you always want to be where I am. If I'm making dinner, you're asking to be "Up, up!" -You are super kitchen helpers, but when I tell you Mommy doesn't need help, you sit on the kitchen floor playing with canned soups and chip clips. When I'm (writing a blog post) you want to be right in my lap, in on the action, or pulling me over to the toys you want to play with. And I love it.
-Friday mornings I get you out of your cribs, you each hold your Elmo and trail your blankets as we walk to Mommy and Daddy's bed to snuggle and watch youtube videos of Elmo's songs.
-Zeke just started exclaiming "Oh!" every time he is corrected (as if you had NO idea that you were in error). It's hilarious and devious since it's at times when I've said, "Eat your snack at the table," and you are suddenly sitting beside me on the floor with snack in hand. I remind you, "Zeke, you're supposed to eat your snack at the table," and you say "Oh!" Very smooth.
-Gabe is always pulling out his bag of tricks to get a rise out of his audience. Our favorites these days are his Cosby face, his "Heyyyy," (pointing both index fingers at you and squinting one eye), and his ability to copy anything he's seen once. Which brings me to my next anecdote.
-It was pointed out to me once years ago that when I pray, I used the syllable "Um," a lot.  Well, this month, YOU pointed out to me that I say it around the house a lot too. One day when I asked, "Gabe, would you like some milk?" You said, "Ummm.... (and rolled your eyes up to the side while you considered) ....Yes." What is that about? I wondered. But when I asked if you were all done, or if you slept well, or asked you anything... I got the same, "thoughtful," "Ummmmm.... Yes." Or, "Ummmmm..... No." It began to frustrate me. Do you want another cracker or not? Just spit it out! I was about to ask Cary where this new habit originated when it hit me -- it didn't come from him.

Well, I've used up a nap time and bled into your playtime, so I think blogging time is up! Suffice it to say, life with you is FUN. Your Daddy and I were pulling you in your red wagon on the Huckleberry trail the other night, figuring that these may very well be the best days of our lives. We're not taking them for granted. Thank You, God, for all of the LIFE and LOVE we have found in our amazing two year olds.

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