Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Start of Spring, and My Newly Three Mighty Men


Beautiful days. 

"Mommy, I love donuts. You love donuts?" Yes. "Daddy love donuts?" Yes. "Zeke love donuts?" Yes.
 "All the Hill family love donuts!" 

There are so many things about my newly THREE-year-old boys that are FUN. Your new fixation on family and names. Asking and answering intentional questions at dinner and telling stories... Zeke's new character "Baby" and the never-ending pretend game you two pop in and out of.

My new favorite Gabe sentence is, "I will, Mama." It comes so unexpectedly every time, and sounds so seasoned and confident. Gabe, pick up your shoes before someone coming in the door trips over them. "I will, Mama." Hey boys, we're going to hurry up and clean up our project so we can go take lunch to Daddy. "I will, Mama!" (That's my boy!) My favorite Zeke development these days is all physical. Who ever could have guessed that the child who refused to roll over, to crawl, we worried might never walk, would run exactly 64 laps around our living room coffee table this week, or run beside the stroller at a light Mommy pace for 3/4 mile? Daddy and I also love that Zeke is always wanting to share beyond what is "fair." Frequently, after hearing a brother told that it is not his turn, Zeke is heard saying, "Gabe, yes! Gabe, yes!" and extending what he has to brother bear. A sweet and generous heart. Gabe, your love of the Bible softens my heart so often when I am in a hurry, and trying to cut corners (like Bible time) to keep to our schedule, but it IS childlike faith, and I love to see how much you just sincerely want to learn about God, to the exclusion of everything else.

This last photo is my favorite from our almost-spring walk. Gabe, you took Zeke's hand, and asked,  
"How a' you today, Zeke?" All the conversation and hand-in-hand trail exploring that followed had my heart exploding.
What makes Mommy and Daddy happier than watching you two do life together? Not much. You're growing in every way, stepping more confidently away from our little nest every day, and wowing us all the way. XO Mighty Men. 
You are and will always be so loved. ~Mommy and Daddy

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