Thursday, July 23, 2015

Apps that Simplify My Life? Yes, Please + First Six Months of 2015 Video

I struggle to keep up with the documentation of so many things about this life I love. 
That's why I am truly thankful for these 2 apps: 

Chat Books - Sorry fellow-instagrammers. I don't really instagram so much with you in mind, (although I'm delighted when you are also interested in my posts) so much as to store the photos that will make up my next Chat Book - perhaps the closest thing to a family photo album I will have until my kids leave for college. It's so easy - every 60 instagram photos go automatically into your next chatbook album, shipped to your door without any interaction from you, for $6.99. This is my speed. (So those times you sense I'm an OVER-SHARER who could not possibly have traveled to so many places and done so many things with my family today? Sorry to flood your feed. I'm actually just filling the last 8 photos in my chat book with photos I forgot to upload over the past 3 months so that our family album will ship to my door in three days.)

1 Second Everyday - I cannot believe how watching a literal second from one day brings the whole thing back. A tiny blip of my boy rolling down the driveway on his balance bike, and I remember the whole scene - the helmet he thanked me for not clipping his chin in, 100 rounds of running beside him on the street in front of our house, the sidewalk chalk hop-scotch fail, and then my surprise at looking up and seeing him start independently at the top of the driveway, and succeed in coasting all the way down for the first time! ALL FROM A 1 SECOND CLIP!!! So it's worth the mental effort to take a video instead of a photo each day. Speaking of worth it... I love this compilation of all the seconds I caught in our first 6 months in 2015.

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