Thursday, October 8, 2015

Pumpkins Picking Pumpkins


I got to accompany my little "punkins" on their first field trip today. (All the feels!!! But I'll try to minimize the sap.) We arrived and gathered for the first group photo which would have made for a great time-lapse video: kids in, kids out, standing, sitting, random hand-raising, kids moving... We're so thankful for their sweetest teachers.

Next we took a hayride to the pumpkin patch! Gabe later said this was his favorite part. He watched the tractor pulling us the whole time.

We didn't have to hunt very hard to find round, plump, orange pumpkins! Gabe picked up the first one he saw and declared true love. Then he proceeded to fall in love with every pumpkin he encountered. Choosing only two was hard. Zeke was not as concerned with the pumpkins as with the incline we were on. (There were quite a few run-away pumpkins!) But in the end he agreed with Gabe's pumpkin selections.


After we left the pumpkin patch, we saw one of our friends from church! She told the class about all the different kinds of pumpkins.

Mommy's favorite moments: watching the boys stand close to their buddies, or the random brotherly holding of hands on trips here or there... 

We headed to the barn for a visit with the animals, and then to the straw maze where preschoolers mostly want to walk on the hay bales, or roll around on them.

I LOVE this one, which would make a very nice album cover:

And finally, we snacked and adjourned our official trip. We couldn't have asked for a nicer day to spend outside, or for a sweeter group of kids, families, and teachers.


It's hard not to look at these tots, personalities budding, and wonder what God has in store for them. For example...

One of my favorites from today. Just look at that little finger in the air!! Natural leader. We love and expect great things from that little girl someday, and I appreciate the help I might get keeping my boys in line in the meantime. <3


 And when we can't make the day any better than it's already been, we "bring it in" for the group hug.

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