Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dear Mighty Men... Almost.

My sweet babies,

Here are some things you should know about your Mama before I share today's news:

  • She eats the worst flavored gummy bears first; always saves the best for last.
  • She opposes all spoilers.
  • She is the SURPRISE queen. (Love being surprised, and LOVE surprising other people.)
  • When she's excited, she's beside-herself-excited. (I was that kid at sleepovers who ALWAYS woke up the parents next door because I could NOT remember to be quiet while having fun.)
  • When there's a reason to celebrate, she celebrates. Like... all filters off celebration.

Nothing will be more celebrated around here than the day Daddy and I find out we can come and get you and our family will be together forever! When I get the "go" on that, there will be no stopping the tears and singing and dancing and EXCITEMENT! And until then, Mama needs to keep a cap on it. That is why, while taking deep breaths and monitoring my own heart rate, I'm just barely announcing, hinting, whispering...

We've been submitted to embassy.



  1. Yay!!!I'm sitting down - but inside I'm jumping up and down for you!

  2. So, I fly to America on April 24th. In my daily prayers, I am praying that your boys will beat me home. :) Because I cannot wait to meet them.