Friday, February 1, 2013

(M)MM - The Silent M is for Mischievous

(Mischievous) Mighty Men

I'm short on words these days. Lots of feelings, not so much on wanting to name them all. But my joy is constant, and my supply of Mighty Men photos is priceless.

At 9 months old, another characteristic of one of my sweet Mighty Men was caught on camera.

Mischief. With a Captial M. 

In our family, we have dubbed this documented discovery:

The Sock Saga.


One happy day in Ethiopia, Mommy wanted a picture with both of her boys. Getting 3 people to look at the camera at once is never easy to do, so Dad was ready to take several shots. Meanwhile, Mighty Men Zeke and Gabe had some of their own plans...

MMZ is happily playing with his toy, and thumb. For (M)MMG however, a target has been sighted.

(Mom is naive to the plan that's underway.)

((M)MMG checks to see if Mom is onto him.)

 Sure that Mom is not looking, Mighty Man G makes his move. 
MMZ attempts to counter the attack with his toy as bait, but (M)MMG has his eye on one thing only.

Offended Mighty Man Z protests.

Even with Mom now onto him, (M) Mighty Man G considers it a win!

Slightly shocked at her little man of mischief, Mom can't help but laugh.

This Mom has her hands full.


  1. Ames...nothing you don't already know but you ARE gonna have your hands full, Sister! Hugs....LOL