Monday, May 20, 2013

Twinsie Tuesday

It's Twinsie Tuesday!


Thanks for stoppin' by!

I love trying to figure out what's going through the heads of these two almost all of the time, but today it's your turn...

Caption Contest: What do YOU think the twins are thinking in the following three pictures? 


Click "comment" at the bottom of the post, and label your captions 1, 2, and 3.  (Cary will pick the winner on Friday. His judicial credentials: he was voted "most-witty" in our high school graduating class. But don't be intimidated.) :)

Caption 1:

Caption 2:

Caption 3:

Hats off to you for trying to get inside of these two beautiful heads. Have a great week!


  1. I'mma get that hat...

    No you're not!

    I'mma get that hat...

  2. Caption 1: "He's touching me!!"
    Caption 2: "Did you see him touching me?!" "I wasn't doing anything?"
    Caption 3: "Yep, he's preeeetty much doing it again."

    Your guys are too cute!

  3. 1. "nice hat, pretty hat."
    2. "Gasp, Mom's looking! Act Normal!"
    3. "nice hat, pretty hat." "Are you going to let him keep doing this mom?! I'm being mocked!"

  4. 1- Did he just whack me on the back of my head?!
    2 - Nope. I'm innocent!!!
    3 - Mom! He did it again!!!

  5. Hahaha - thanks for the chuckles, ladies. Cary dubs Andrea the Caption Contest winner. (You pulled his heart strings when you catered his interpretaion of the "caught" look on Zeke's face in the second picture.) Thanks for humoring us - we may be turning into THOSE parents. :)