Monday, June 3, 2013

Dear Aunt Katherine...

Dear Aunt Katherine,

You've been gone for leadership project for a week now. We're real proud of you being a project director and all, and you probably have lots of new things to tell us about already, but we miss you. We have lots of updates for you!


We're living in a new house for two months! And it has a GREAT swing in the front yard.

Mom is probably ruining our taste buds, but we think we really like lime popsicles.


We've been helping mom in the kitchen a lot lately. There's lots to play with!

Take a good look at these grins, because we are both cutting two more top teeth!

We spend lots of time at our new piano that Daddy got Mommy for Mother's Day.

 (In the big scheme of things, we are still pretty small, huh?)

 Here we are geared up in our tractors and air planes to go visit Grandad!

And finally, below is a skill we are always perfecting. Coincidentally, it's also how we feel about you leaving us for a whole summer:

We are looking forward to your updates -send pictures! Also, we love you! 
-Zeke and Gabe

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