Monday, September 9, 2013

For good reason...

...Joy is in our hearts

I'm all backed up on photos, I haven't been keeping up with blog posts, and I promise I'll go back and finish the 3 or 4 posts I've started and try to fill in some of the events around them later, but tonight I have to write about tonight.

We got home from our first housegroup of the year about an hour ago, which is pretty late for you boys. We had a potluck and got to visit a little about everyone's summer, you were ooohed and ahhhed over along with the other 3 housegroup littles, and then we sat around singing songs and sharing about what the Lord has been doing in our lives. You both liked when Mommy and Daddy swayed with you to the music, and you started rocking on your own. We felt like the friends sharing our couch might feel a little seasick, but it was fun. Zeke, you started singing along. Then after more sharing, (and two twins I know finishing their sippy cups) we decided to close in prayer. It's a lot to expect two tired boys to sit quietly during open prayer time when it's late and they're out of milk, but we loved the way you were enjoying all the people around you, and we wanted to get to thank the Lord for all of the goodness He's allowed our group to share while we were together, so we tried it. Gabe snuggled down in Daddy's lap sucking on his sleepy-fingers, and Mommy whispered to Zeke that it was time for praying, and closed her eyes. When she opened her eyes, Zeke was mimicking her, and when they saw each other peeking, they quietly giggled. This went on and on - eyes squeezed shut, furrowed brow, chin tucked... then one-eyed peeking, or a sudden flash of big round "surprise" eyes. It was hilarious. Mommy's friend couldn't help but watch, either - you were sooo cute! Mommy's heart is still bubbling over at the sight of that scrunched nose and flash of all 8 Zeke teeth. And we got to be a part of a beautiful series of prayers to the Lord.

What could make a Mama's heart more full than her happy children in the context of people who share God's love for them?

Which reminds me... Recently Uncle Matt came to visit. He brought his mom, Ms Heidi, who was visiting from Delaware. Uncle Matt is always fun to have in the house, and Ms Heidi brought even more good stories and laughs, and we had a blast. While they were here, we moved your cribs into our room so they could stay in your room where they would have plenty of space. We moved the cribs right before bedtime, and didn't noticed that we parked Gabe's crib (of all things) under a light switch. At 6:15 the next morning, Mommy and Daddy woke to a bright flash of light! Mommy instantly swatted at Daddy. What are you doing?? Just about the time she realized Dad was still in bed and could not have turned on the light, the light went off. Groggy Mom was puzzled, but mostly tired, and just as she started to drift back asleep, the light flashed back on. And then off. And then on and then off. Mommy and Daddy both realized who the responsible party behind the light switch must have been, and just laid there laughing as the newly discovered light switch flipped more and more spastically on and off in front of our proudly grinning mischievous Gabriel. Everyone got a good laugh about that later that morning, and we kept laughing any time we remembered what happened.

Just about everything you do is worth rejoicing over and celebrating since at all times we sense the deepest truth; God is our God. He loves us. He's allowed us to know and be with Him. He poured out His love on us when He allowed us to be your parents. You are delightful.

For good reason, joy is in our hearts.


  1. Ames,
    Not to make you feel guilty BUT I have MISSED your posts!!!!! Hugs to you and the boys and CARY TOO!!!

    Linda B.

  2. Thanks, Linda! I needed some extra motivation to get caught up on all the summer's thoughts and happenings, because these boys spin good writing material by the second. :)