Monday, September 16, 2013

Summer in Snap Shots (because you've been keeping mom busy!)

What can I say kiddos? Your lives are hard to document, because you are busy boys! This Mama is learning quickly that I can never capture all the goodness in your sweetest of snuggles or hilarious new discoveries. I've got to enjoy it while I've got it.

So... for your sake, here are some snap shots of the awesome summer we've had. Thanks for making every day so full.



Lake Trips - You two are water boys. Grandad sure loves to share the water fun with you, and every trip you find a new way to play. From Gabe's laying back to feel the breeze on his face, to using the tube ON the boat as an obstacle to climb up and slide down, or Zeke's hilarious first sunscreen faces to sweet "ahhhhs" during fireworks...


First Trip to the Beach! Aunt Katherine's been down at Myrtle Beach directing C.O.'s leadership project, so we headed down there with Grandmarmy, Grandpoppy and gang for your first experience with toes in the sand. You also swam for the very first time in Uncle Mike and Aunt Sharon's pool. It was super!

On a fun and spontaneous whim, we got to meet up with your Great Aunt Anne and Uncle Clyde who were excited to meet you!

The Water Hole - I generally try to align myself with the anti-pinterest-and-all-of-it's-impossible-to-reach-goals-for-moms camp, (that's a camp?) but I will NOT apologize for possession of our favorite summer afternoon activity: the water table. A sweet lady from our church had a grandchild who outgrew her's, and so unbeknownst to us we inherited the best front porch accessory we'd enjoy all summer long. (It alleviated some of my guilt since we don't have a pool or pool membership, and Zeke, you are a water-bug. Just look at you!)

Summer Life - There were lots of other sweet days filled with normal day to day things, like these...

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