Friday, February 14, 2014


Many Valentine's ago, my Dad (who I probably inherited my sweet tooth from) surprised my sister and I with the BIG Russell Stover's heart-shaped box full of Valentine's goodness. It was such a thrill to hold something half your size full of candy just for you, that we were beside ourselves. After that, he bought us a giant heart full of the good stuff every year. (Yum!) Just last weekend we got to see Dad for a brief lunch (super grandads will drive 3 hours one way just to have lunch!) and before he pulled off in his pick-up, he pulled out 2 giant heart-shaped boxes for my sister and I: favorite Valentine's surprise for the win! To say a special thank-you, I decided to capture each happy moment of reaching for one of those chocolates this year - both the best chocolate-butter-cream-melt-in-your-mouth moments, and the pass-the-icky-strawberry-cream-to-your-husband ones, culminating in the last delightful chocolate truffle. #savethebestforlast

Thanks, Daddy. Happy Valentine's Day!

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