Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Turning 2: Growing up, Up, UP!

A week ago my twins turned 2. 
They were home. 
Cary and I got to wake them up, 
put candles in their pancakes, 
remind them of the love they will always have from their heavenly Father, 
from their family, 
delight in watching them, 
and dream with them about the plan He has for their lives.

So much cause for celebration. 

In the background of all this celebration was the memory of this time 1 year ago. Mixed in with the celebration of life, there was heartache. Separation. Unknowns. Amplifying our joy this year was the memory of scars we'd choose to endure 100 times over for the joy the completion of this adoption story has brought us. For what it taught us about our adoption story.

  Saturday, many of our loved ones gathered to celebrate that with us. 


  1. They are adorable!! Thanks for sharing pictures of their happy day! : ) And I love the perspective from the "other side" of the waiting - it's comforting to know that someday I'll feel like all the waiting was worth it in the end.........because right now the waiting is very hard.

  2. Corina, I so identify with where you are right now! (Let me just say again - your time is coming to be on the "other side" with your whole family, and having the wait behind you makes every day even SWEETER!) Praying with you. :) Thanks for celebrating with us!