Thursday, October 23, 2014

TBT: A special wedding weekend

Throw back Thursday! Remember that time when... 

Our friends Adam and Becca got married! We do - and always will! Cary and Adam grew up together. Adam was a groomsman in our wedding, and he's a near-famous rocket scientist now. Cary was delighted to be at his side in the wedding and to be a part of his big weekend. I was happy for them to have an excuse for guy-time and reminiscing, and left blinking and befuddled when all of a sudden my other half disappeared for 48 hours on a very exciting weekend.... Just Mom and her 2/3 of her boys!

48 hours of Mom and Boys, including get-ready-for-wedding time. WE DID IT! 
Spiffed up: head to TOE

*Things no one tells you*
I have no pictures of the actual wedding event. Turns out, this is a pattern in my adventures in parenting/photography. I ALWAYS miss the main event! (Kids are so darn distracting; when you add wedding attire, bouquets and adoring bridesmaids to the mix, what's a Mom to do?! Not to mention the fact that they fill your photographer arms, unless they are not in your arms in which case they need your undivided attention, and they're just so cute, you have to snap photos.) *Read on to find out how I missed most of the ceremony* Maybe this is how wedding photography first came about... Luckily, there was a super photography team there, and tons of beautiful photos of our friends to enjoy later. Now... on to MY photos of the day.

Smelling the roses

Cute little cabbie

 *We spotted Daddy!*
Sweet Daddy moment: After a long wedding weekend, we were all missing Daddy. During the ceremony, the boys lit up when they saw their Daddy walk out behind the groom. They tapped everyone beside them to point him out - so very proud of their celebri-dad. A few minutes later after the entrance of the bride, everyone was engrossed in the ceremony -except for Gabe who was looking around for someone he could point out Cary to. "Daddy!" Yes! I nodded. The serious nature of his face made me nervous, and that's when I caught the slightest quiver in his cheek. He was overwhelmed with emotion at seeing his spiffy Daddy up front, but not being able to get to him, and the emotion appeared to be growing. An unsuspecting Uncle Pete was holding him, and I leaned in close: Gabe, it's ok! It's ok! No use. He was sucking air, so I clamped my hand over his mouth and mouthed to Pete, Run! Poor little Gabe went off like a siren as we cleared the sanctuary doors. I explained to him we'd be with Daddy very soon. He put on a brave face and I wiped his tears, but when I asked him if we could go back into the sanctuary where he could see Daddy without him crying, each time he'd shake his head, no. *Precious thing!* And so, we waited outside for the rest of the ceremony, and when the twins finally spotted Cary they went running.

Special Mommy moment: Watching my son watch the father-daughter, and mother-son dances, I thought of how many times I've been warned of just how fast the rest of his life would fly by. I believed that all too soon I'd be looking into that precious face, a full grown man on his wedding day. (Would I be remembering this moment? Could I ever love him more than right now?) I bawled.

Time to lighten up, Mom. Photo spree!

It was a fun day to celebrate Adam and Becca, and a special day with each of my boys:

*Highest of Gabe compliments to the cupcake chef*

Happy Thursday!

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