Monday, January 26, 2015

Dear 2 1/2 year olds... What things do you love?

The answers you get from kids when you ask good questions never cease to be splendid. As I was cleaning up my room today I came across the transcription of this gem of a convo the boys and I once had over lunch. Since the conversation dates back to *ahem* August, draw whatever conclusions you want about the state of my room. So glad that I stopped that day to scribble our conversation out on a post-it. And now, saved forever on my personal cyberspace, I can never lose it!

M: Boys, what things do you love?
Z: Jesus!
M: Awww, really?
(Z just nods and keeps chewing.) :)
M: Gabe, what things do you love?
G: Jesus, Light o' World!
M: :) What else?
G: Don't bonk 'a head! Don't bonk 'a head... (This is an original Z and G song they sing a lot.)
M: So you guys love Jesus, and your song. What else do you love?
G: Blocks. G-Pop blocks, a' G-Ma's house.
M: I know. Playing at G-Pop and G-Ma's house is fun. What else?
G: Outside. Outside a' eat!
M: Aw, I love our lunches on the porch, too. Anything else?
Z: Jesus!
G: Swim.
Z: Swim!
G: 'a you, poot!
M: Yes, the funniest joke of all. Is that all?
Z: Shhhh (he pretends to whisper in someone's ear which is a game we play, pretending to tell the boys a secret and then zerberting them instead.)
M: What things do you love, Zeke?
Z: Play and Ni-night.

And there you have it. The great conclusions about life from my toddlers. (Funny how a few sentences can take you back to days that were so different just a few months ago!) These are some special two-year-olds I get to raise.

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