Saturday, February 14, 2015

My Valentine...

(Disclaimer: It's Valentine's Day, so I reserve the right to max out the sweet and sappy lingo I might otherwise curb.)

Baby Z, Baby G, and Daddy-O, you are the best valentines a Mama could wish for. I woke up at 9:15 this morning. THE END. I woke up at 9:15 - an hour I haven't seen from my bed in a very long time. I was served chocolate-chip pancakes, "YOU, Mommy!" and told it was my morning to stay in my room reading or pinning or blogging, and since have enjoyed the sounds of twin giggles and 100% Daddy effort in the background the whole time. All of my favorite things. Thank you boys for knowing and loving your Mommy so well.

So here's my Valentine to you... One more page of our little treasure that I hope will bring you much joy in coming years. I try to tuck away words or pictures or videos here on our little family corner of cyberspace that will someday bring back the feelings and smells and WONDER that are your childhood. My goodness, these years are my favorite. So for today... I'm sharing some of Mommy's favorite videos right off of my phone. How I love you.

Cookies for You!
We love that you boys are so eager to help these days. Passing things out is a special privilege - check out Gabe's charm in process, and especially his reaction to realizing my camera is out.

Practice Time
You guys are still hanging with wonderful practice habits. Last week, Zeke had one of his best lessons yet. One item in Zeke's new routine is role reversal - he loves to be the teacher! And you'll note, he's pretty strict.

Pasta Salad for Daddy
This was an attempt at a video message alerting Daddy to the tasty pasta salad the boys helped make for him.

Pretend Comes to the Table
The boys are just a week away from turning three, and we see it in the way they are talking, and the new games they are playing. Gabe in particular takes the pretend wherever he goes. Broccoli, unfinished pieces of clementine... all fair subjects.

Raise 'Em Right
We all look forward to the one night a week that Addie and Eli come spend with us. Last week when we got out of the car, everyone had Shai Linne's "Taste and See" stuck in our heads, which resulted in this kid dance party. That's the way we like it.

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