Monday, February 23, 2015

A Very THREE Birthday

Zeke and Gabe,

How fabulous that you are such tall 40-inch, 34 and 32 lb boys, on to the adventures, mischief, and joys of being three. Mommy has accepted that the baby stage is behind us, although I'm still holding on to little glimpses of my once-babes, like the way that Gabe still bounces vertically, walking or running, on his way from room to room, and how Zeke still delays his answer to ANY question (an imitation of Mom's infamous deliberation about everything) with, "Ummmm, hmmmmmmn...." even when you've already decided what you will say. But I also welcome the new habits. As you are taking in so many new things -and understanding them- Zeke's way of processing is to say, "Mommy! Mommy!" and then to point out or explain out loud what he sees. Gabe is always saying, "What happened, Mama?" and then phrasing in a question the observation he has made. I love it. (We can have full conversations about EVERYTHING now!)

Everyone has been out of school this week due to the loads of snow we got! We celebrated Daddy's birthday on Tuesday night after Mommy finished teaching. We all went over to Grandmarmy's house for a wonderful Greek dinner and good times all around. After cake, playtime, and long goodbyes, we began the trek *haha* home. Half way up the driveway, Daddy asked me to give him back the key. (That's when Mommy remembered laying the keys down in the house on her quick errand before locking up to run back across the street.) It was really cold, so straight back into Grandmarmy's house we went, with pitiful *locked out* faces, and after Daddy decided our locked house is impenetrable, Grandmarmy fixed us up on her futons and we had a very fun sleepover at her house. (A birthday Daddy will never forget.)

On Thursday, the forecast was high of 9 deg, low of -7. You both walked into our room whispering, "Me, birthday?" It absolutely was, and Mommy and Daddy were ready! Gabe spotted the new book we'd hidden behind our headboard before we could attempt a reveal, so we snuggled in and read what used to be one of your favorite library books, "Hickory Dickory Dock." Then we went downstairs and had Daddy's smoothies while Mommy made you funfetti pancakes, which you loved. After breakfast your gifts magically appeared in front of the fireplace: bright red balance bikes, and a tee-ball set! The rest of the morning was spent on those bikes. It was a blast. After your nap, Katherine and Cam, Grandpoppy, Grandmarmy, Addie, and Eli came over for your birthday dinner, and we ate, laughed, played, and enjoyed several twin performances.

We had big plans for a birthday party on Saturday, but more snow shut down the possibility of out-of-towners making it in. For awhile, we thought the icy forecast might mean no one could come, but our across-the-street crew and Pete and Astleigh were not going to miss it, so the party went on, and we had a lovely relaxed party-day together.

One of my favorite moments of the week was right before family arrived that morning. After making peace with the fact that we had not cleaned for a party (since the forecast indicated all humans might hibernate that day) and that our local family would soon arrived to a non-picked up house, the weather also delayed said family members, at which time Mommy flew into a frenzy to clean it all up. Daddy was cleaning the kitchen, and you boys were riding your new bikes. Then Gabe spotted his Bible, opened up to the page where Jesus is on the cross, Zeke came over and you both asked Daddy to tell you about it. So Daddy stopped what he was doing and sat down on the kitchen floor with you, and together you poured over every page of the gospel message, so many great questions, so many beautiful answers. Stopping to watch it was way better than the last minute cover-up mission Mom had been on. I don't have any photos of it - just the mental picture that will never leave me.

Here's to a great year of new explorations, and deeper understandings of SO MANY THINGS! Daddy and I love you so much, always!

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