Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"...Think on THESE things..."

Update: Our homestudy has been finalized. (Dossier complete!) Paperwork done. We are so thankful!

Next update: The day after we found out our homestudy was finalized, Ethiopian courts shut down for their rain season. (Not so thankful.) We're trusting that this is God's timing. Courts will reopen in October when we will be able to submit our paperwork to get a court date.

In the meantime, there's no more paperwork! We can do nothing that makes me feel like it's getting us to the boys sooner. And that's hard. So I thought today would be a good day to spend some time reflecting on the progress that HAS been made. It was last November when we first considered adoption, and we've known our boys were our boys for less than 3 months. (So how can I already be this desperate to get to them?!) I can't wait until we can share photos of our "Mighty Men." (Seriously, there is nothing cuter than these two; their petite little mouths and their chubby little cheeks. Not that I've been studying those pictures or anything...) So, for today: a photo blog.

The first action: applying to IAG

Our first date night spent in the B&N children's book section.

(I learned that our kids will be the luckiest ever, because nobody makes
"But Not the Hippopotamus" as funny as their dad does.)

Our First Purchase for the Twins

Then we started seeing the world in twin...

We sent our homestudy application to FFASVA

We hit some financial lows, so I made comfort food

(Ok, a lot of comfort food)

We moved out of our apartment of 3 years and into the house of some dear friends from church


We cranked out paperwork (and checks) like it was our job

Holding onesies to see how big the boys are!

We got to create our first care package to send to the boys in Mekele!

(Recording our voices on an audio book.)

And now, the care package is here. With the rest of my heart. 


  1. My husband, Evan, has shared with me about your journey since you two are both at CMS. I am so excited for you! I feel inspired to crank out this paperwork like you two did! We are still in the paper chase, but we hope to get it done by December.


    1. Hi Jackie! I'm so excited that we are all on the journey to bring little ones home from Ethiopia. :) We need to plan an Ethiopian-Mama gathering (with Whitney, too!).