Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thanks for some encouraging messsages since my last post. There's no time for feeling low these days, because we have entered the era of FUNDRAISING! Here's the thing. I don't think I like fundraising. -Can't be sure, because I know little about it. But I hate thinking about money, and I really hate thinking about other people's money. But the good news is, this fundraising thing MUST begin and end pretty quickly, and I know the Lord never starts something He will not provide abundantly for.

The latest from our adoption coordinator (whom I love!) is... When Ethiopian courts reopen in October, we should get our date pretty soon. All paperwork is received in order of arrival even while courts are closed, so... we still have a shot at a November court date! (Ahhhhhhh!)

When I got off the phone with this news, and shared it at high frequency while jumping up and down with Cary, his first response came with a solemn (pale?) face: "Then we have to raise $20,000 by November." To which I continued jumping up and down, squealing, "We might see the boys in NoVEMber!!"

Thus, the commencement of our short (and... fundamentally important) fundraising season.

Fundraiser #1: A social media event. At the website below, we are launching a $2 for 2 campaign. The idea is that if everyone we know across the waves of this crazy internet world gives $1 for each of the boys, we'll raise a lot - and no one is really out anything they might not lose in the couch, anyways! If THEY ask all of the people they know across the crazy waves of this... ok, you get the picture... think how much we could raise! So please... Would you share your $1 with each of my precious itty bitty kissable-cheeked twins? Would you ask your friends to do the same? Because if you would, the possibilities are endless.


A $2 investment makes you part of something BIG. Our family will always be grateful.

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