Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Dance

Adoption: Dancing On the Balance Beam

I'm excited to share this fun, but "for real" video with you:
Francis Chan and "The Balance Beam"

Ha! Isn't it true that we gravitate toward the things we know are safe, and try desperately to avoid the things that aren't? Deep down, Cary and I want to live the life God intends for us. We don't expect it to be safe and easy, but we know the "routines" He dreams up are AWESOME when they are completed. We know God called us to begin our family through adoption, and we know from experience that the things God wills (though they often look difficult from the outside) are the things that yield the greatest blessing. We said, "Absolutely, yes," to adopting our sweet boys, and since then we have received blessings we could never have imagined. I was encouraged to talk to some teens at church today who are on the balance beam. They've decided together to speak out against some things that are wrong in a community that they love. I am so excited to see them taking this acrobatic leap out of their desire to live the life God is calling them to, and for the enjoyment that I know is coming for them when they land. Be bold and join us! Say "yes" to the scary things God is calling you to. He is good. His plans are good, and His plans for you are good. In this life, those scary looking things are the DANCE! Be it adoption, standing up for something, advocacy... If God is stirring your heart, don't miss out on the routine of a lifetime.

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  1. love this! i was watching the video from the give1 blog when I was looking up yours :) we are on the same page!