Friday, November 1, 2013

The Twins' First Halloween

Happy First Halloween sweet boys! Oh, my cutest-ever money bags, what else could we have dressed our little treasures as this year? (I'll spare you the endless "worth more than gold, "our little gems," idioms, and tell you that you were the cutest little waddlers that have ever been dropped into pillow cases. From behind you reminded me of the Fantasia mushrooms.) But seriously, this season we have been so aware that just ONE YEAR ago this time, we were waiting to get a court date from a judge in ET - permission to get on a plane and come meet you for the first time. Oh, how our lives would change. We knew it was for the better, but had no idea what priceless joys you would bring to our lives! (-There, I did it again. Priceless. It's just too easy.)

Look! It's our people. One BIG happy house. I think we're finding our groove, this family of 8, and I'll tell you more about it when I get back to blogging soon - for real. But the short version is, this multi-generational living is beautiful. It's real messy. (I think the bottom right corner captures it the best.) But it's real beautiful. Just look:

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