Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Zeke and Gabe Go to DC

Washington DC is my place. (Yes, I realize I share my place with umpteen million other people.) Every time we drive into the city, I feel the same rush - so much history, so many people moving with purpose and influence and hope and determination. I like to go to remember the things our country was founded on, to celebrate freedom, remember the brave, see the diversity the pinnacle of our melting pot creates, drink in the sun setting over memorials of great things... Since it's always been a special place to me, it became a special place to Daddy and I, and now it's a special place to our family of 4!

We went to NOVA with our friends from church for a conference that helped give us vision for our education program, and then when everyone else headed home, the Hill family extended our stay to introduce Washington DC to MIGHTY MEN Zeke and Gabe.

Zeke and Gabe Go to DC

First we walked to church at Capitol Hill Baptist

Next, we headed down to the mall - we were excited!


 First stop: The Capitol - where we exercised our freedom of speech, and sword play

At the other end of the mall we gazed at the White House and pondered the happenings inside.


On our stroll back from Pennsylvania Avenue, the boys picketed the city, collecting smiles and hellos from street vendors, policemen, and passersby. The wind blew a lot of dust across the mall, so we hopped one block over. Just like he does anywhere else we go, Gabe chattered away, and the sweet sound of his busy babble bounced off of the buildings. As is also typical, Zeke rode quietly beside him, sometimes adding addendums to Gabe's song, but mostly giving silent approval of Gabe's many announcements. It hit me all of a sudden that you Mighty Men were adding your sound - leaving your own mark - on the streets marked by so many Mighty Men before. What a fantastic introduction to our capital city. DC, the Mighty Men Zeke and Gabe. Mighty Men, Washington DC. We'll be back.

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