Monday, November 4, 2013

Zeke and Gabe Go to the Zoo

Last July we took the boys on their first trip to the zoo at Natural Bridge. What? Some people post photos from July trips in July? Psht. Where's the suspense? I present to you this November night, a warm summer visit to meet the animals with the cutest-ever twin boys.

Zeke and Gabe Go to the Zoo!

Zeke: Why do I feel like there's something behind me?

Hidden tiger, sleeping... tiger:

A day at the zoo: hip-hip(popotamus), hooray!

Thanks to this hilarious, attitudey (over-visited and overfed) creature, Zeke and Gabe learned to make their first "GrrrrrrR" sound when we ask, "What does the BEAR say?"

Grandmarmy's favorite animal! I could not believe they were giving elephant rides - but they were!! 

Head shots!

And we met other twins! (No, not this pair of zebras. Just other twins, at the zoo.)

Watching Zeke and Gabe react to each different animal was so much fun. We were pleasantly surprised at all there was to see, the cute reactions they inspired, and how interested Z and G remained in the diverse creatures that God created.

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