Saturday, July 14, 2012

Announcement #3! - My Dad

Since I was still in the throws of middle school band madness and Cary was doing research for grad school and his company during the week, weekends were the name of the game. We had planned to visit my dad to share our good news the following weekend, but... A week is so long when you have big news! We called him and asked him if he would meet us in Roanoke for dinner on Thursday night. I used Katherine as the excuse to justify 1.5 hour trips for all of us on a weeknight (it was true that she was heading out of town for summer project the next weekend), and so he agreed.

About my Dad: My dad is a man of transportation. My Dad is a farmer with a pick up truck and tractors and a combine. And a fertilizer businessman with dump trucks and loaders and spreaders. And a pilot. And for fun, he has a boat. He has a shepherd dog named Lucy, and now all of us kids are out of the house. For awhile now I've been aware of how much fun my dad is going to have with his grandkids. I don't know how much he's though about it yet, if at all, but I'm pretty sure he's going to be all about them. He's an encourager of mischief and fun. We're going to have to keep a close eye on the kids when they're with Grandad.

We designed the perfect card:

The front:

The delivery:

My family loves eating Mexican. When I was growing up, we ate Mexican with my dad once a week. That Thursday night we met at a new favorite Mexican restaurant of Cary's and mine so my dad and sister could try it out.

About 3 hours before we were scheduled to meet in Roanoke, I got a very important phone call. I didn't know it was going to be important when I answered, but it changed our lives. That's my next post. :)

After recovering from our phone call, Cary and I met up, jumped in the car, and headed to meet my Dad and sister who are always early. As always, they beat us there. We had a very attentive waiter. He was flirting with my sister. (Not uncommon.) We were having a great time catching up, eating great guacamole, laughing a lot, and I suddenly had a panic attack. Things were going to change. This was so much fun - just the four of us - and once we get the boys, it will never be just the 4 of us again. It made my heart speed up, but deep down, I knew it was time for this. We were about to tell my Dad about what was SUPPOSED to be, for all of us! And I was excited.

We gave Katherine a legitimate going away present (I was teary walking around the store picking out things I knew she'd use all summer so far away), and then we pulled out a present for my dad. He looked surprised, but started opening it. It was a captain's hat. An itty bitty one. We had given my dad a captain's hat for his birthday last year. This one was identical, but... smaller. But when he opened it, the size difference wasn't obvious. He nodded.

"Wait," I said. "Did we already give you a hat like that?"

"Yeah, I think so, but that's ok... You can always use another hat." We laughed. I said, "Open the card." So he did. He looked it over, and his eyebrows began to raise.

"We're adopting a little boy from Ethiopia!"

My Dad's reaction was great. And the conversation that followed was even better, but... I can't tell you today, because that would give away too much about tomorrow's post.

Cary and I are beyond thankful. With all of the immediate family in the know, we realize that we're beyond blessed to have so much amazing family, and better yet, a family that is so ready to welcome our little ones home. To God be the glory.

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