Monday, July 23, 2012

Our Mighty Men

God has given us 2 beautiful boys. We've never held them. We've only seen them in pictures, but this is what we know...

Getting your referral is kind of surreal. I guess every new mother has the experience of looking at her child for the first time, searching that face for things she knows, comparing it to the one she abstractly imagined before, pouring over every detail... Before having time to prepare for that experience or really think much about what it would be like, Cary and I found ourselves looking into TWO new little faces for the first time. What a bag of emotions! Sweet, new people! Different than I imagined. What will they look like in 5 years, 10 years, 30 years... After accepting our referral, Cary and I continued to pour over the few pictures we had. We drew as many conclusions as possible about the personalities of our infant boys. They're fraternal twins, we're pretty sure. They both have big, beautiful brown eyes and the cutest tiny toes. We think they don't appreciate that at their care center, they're sometimes dressed in pink (we can tell), but they love their nannies. They're skeptical of cameras. Another observation we made is that in every one of their first pictures, both boys had their little fists clenched, sometimes drawn back like they were prepared to throw a punch, or held up like they were flexing. For this reason, Cary started calling them our "Mighty Men." It's a reference I delight in, because my husband has long treasured the description of David's "mighty men" in 2 Samuel 23:8-22 and 1 Chronicles 11:10-47. Men who fearlessly followed the Lord. Men who demonstrated bravery, who risked their lives out of love for one another. I know these are the kind of men he is going to raise our little boys to be. We love to dream of what our "Mighty Men" may talk like, play like, BE like today, tomorrow, 20 years from now.... The dreaming is fun, but we are most thankful for the things we KNOW:

  • God chose us to be the parents of these 2 beautiful boys.
  • Even though we've never been with them, He always has.
  • Our God is good. He has a plan for these boys that was in the works long before we knew who they were, and He's entrusting it to us.

Oh, boys. Until we get our hands on you, we'll continue to become better prayer warriors trusting Jesus with our fears about this process. We'll rejoice in the unseen plans God will continue to reveal for you. Mommy will continue to go to the baby clothes section to hold onesies that are your size, research twin dynamics, and scrutinize every picture she can find of the care center you are in so she can better imagine you there. Your Daddy's prayers for you are powerful. He'll continue to talk about holding you, wrestling with you, and tucking you in at night. God's plans for you are special. "...Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." -Jer 29:11 We love you, Mighty Men.


  1. ahhh- totally just got teary eyed as I read what you wrote to your boys at the end of this post! You are SUCH amazing parents already and these little mighty men are amazing gifts!! I love that the Lord is SO over all of this beautiful story!!

  2. Oh, Amy, this is so beautiful! And don't forget the mighty mommy you'll be as God continues to prepare your heart for when your sweet boys are home. He will not waste a day in this wait, using it to prepare both Cary and you. What a joy to follow you as He does! Thank you for sharing.