Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dear Zeke: This is the Week

Baby boys,

When we came home from Ethiopia, you were used to lying on your backs. While you found plenty of ways to entertain and be entertained, you weren't very mobile. Gabe could roll over and scoot pretty efficiently, but Zeke not so much. In the 7 weeks we've been home, you have taken off! Gabe has gone from rolling and scooting to bookin' it across the floor with his strong army-crawl, and most recently to "for real" up-on-your-knees-(they-say-it-means-you-can-read-someday) crawling, and pulling up, and standing! Zeke has gone from laying on his back all the time to rolling over, (and then over and over), pivoting, tummy-time, pushing up with his arms, holding up his head, and now independently sitting! Next on the agenda for you, Mr Z, is crawling. It is quite possible you are going to be my kid who hates to try anything he hasn't already perfected. (You balked tummy time when it felt new, and you balk Dad and I holding your cute lil self in crawling position, too.) But you are SO close!

Mommy and Daddy will love you the same whether you crawl this week, just lay, or somersault around here, but I want to tell you the new experience just around the corner for you is exciting! When you get the hang of crawling, you are going to love it. I have a feeling you're ready, so let's go for it! Here's to one nudge this week, and the many nudges you may need in the future to get out there and try something new. Zeke - this is the week!


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