Thursday, April 4, 2013

Zeke and Sweet Potatoes

In the Hill house, we are transitioning from formula to solid foods, and the boys are loving them. When I eat the nutritional things moms eat, (like double stuffed oreos), they watch me and make "om-nom" faces to indicate they'd like in on my treats. The thing is, they have not mastered chewing, so we'll have to keep working through peas and apple sauce and sweet potatoes for awhile. (Oh, and please don't message me - I promise not to feed them oreos for a long time. Although... once, unbeknownst to my mom, I was given coca-cola in a bottle. I'm convinced it's why I have such a sweet tooth these days. I digress.) So we're working on keeping our fingers out of our mouths while we eat, and the general chewing concept, with our eyes on the cheerios/crackers prize.

Now: Zeke and Sweet Potatoes. 

Please bear in mind, I fed him with a spoon.


Gabe, who normally takes all responsibility for messes, was kind of appalled at the scene:

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