Monday, April 8, 2013

More Help Around the House

There are lots of new house projects for getting things stored securely or up off the floor where busy babies can't get to them. We bought some shelves to house our movie collection, and Cary, who's used to doing assembly projects himself, got a helper he could not turn away. (Even when he tried.)

Gabe, the Handyman

 Examining the materials Dad's chosen

 (Wishing Dad would just let him do it)

 Finally Dad lets him join the team


 Assembling the final project!

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  1. I do not know the people who joined together to make these two beautiful boys, but I sometimes wonder about them. I wish they could know how the chain of events - first their decisions, now yours - has effected someone on the other side of the globe from them. I see pictures of these babies on facebook and I am amazed at the way God is able to crochet His tapestry. You two are such an inspiration!