Monday, April 8, 2013

Z and G's First Easter

Zeke and Gabe,

We made some special memories last weekend - our first Easter together. We went "home" for Mommy and Daddy, and got to spend time with ALL the grandparents and great grandparents! On Easter Sunday, Daddy liked dressing you in the sharp button downs and sweater vests Grandmarmy bought you. After a big breakfast and egg hunt at church, we sat down for the service. You were very curious, and liked joining in with coo's and sounds that had plenty of room to resonate, and made lots of people smile. Eventually, Daddy had to take boisterous Gabe to the fellowship hall. Mommy's favorite moment was getting to hold Zeke during his first communion before Zeke got so distracting she had to take him out too. :) Mommy's had so many sweet moments with Jesus during communion in that small, warm sanctuary. It was sweet to get to hold you Z, and share prayer time with you as you watched us take the bread and juice that remind us of what Christ did in His love for us, and how death has been conquered, our joy made complete. 

Our Best-Ever Easter Basket

 Your First Easter Egg Hunt

Special Time with Your People



  1. LOVE the Easter basket adorable!

  2. These pictures are just too much! We are so happy that your sons are home. Can't wait to meet them.

  3. Beautiful! So many smiles and kisses!!